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QUEEN Haute Couture exists from 7th of April 2010 and it is located in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. As the most exclusive boutique for wedding gowns, its primary function is sale and production of wedding dresses signed by designer Sindi Karaca.
The longstanding  experience outside the borders of Macedonia  is transferred here, where in a short period of time we grew into a brand that become the favorite spot of all future brides, gladly entrusting their dreams  to the professional team of QUEEN Haute Couture.
Special materials with high quality and selected refinement are only part on which QUEEN Haute Couture builds its professionalism. The craftsmanship, unique cuts and the use of high quality crystals have what it takes to make a wedding dress that would be proudly worn by all QUEEN brides.
Dear future brides,
If your desire a wedding dress that would be your most beautiful reality, do not hesitate to visit the professional team of QUEEN Haute Couture.  We work on fulfilling your dreams, to be what you have always dreamed of, perfect on your most beautiful day.
We are expecting you with pleasure,
QUEEN Haute Couture!

She is born on 15th of April, 1985 in Skopje, Macedonia, currently living and working in her hometown as a fashion designer and creator of the brand QUEEN Haute Couture.

From the earliest age she shows special interest in creating unique creations that abound in their uniqueness. She decides to upgrade her talent by enrolling in the Istanbul Academy, studying fashion studies in Turkey. Upon completion of her studies she returns in Skopje and begins with the creation and production of wedding dresses. Primarily her creations are promoted in atelier in Switzerland and Turkey, working with the most exclusive boutiques there. Meanwhile, for this purpose, she formes her own mini factory where  ​​wedding dresses are made for that market. The cooperation lasts a longer period of time and is based on the manufacture with top quality materials that are procured exclusively from Paris, Barcelona, Dubai and Istanbul.

After gaining  greater experience in this profession, along with her management team, she decided to pass it on her own grounds, or in Skopje. The result of this idea is QUEEN Haute Couture, an exclusive studio where wedding dresses are made ​​with her ​​signature. Eventually, the idea turns out to be really good move and in a short period of time Sindi Karaca and QUEEN Haute Couture become favorite spot for any future bride, while her creations experience expansion and become competitive in Macedonian, Albanian and Kosovo markets.

The creation of wedding dresses is her profession for over 15 years. The inspiration that young brides give her is essential motive due to which she loves doing her job.


Step into the world of the most beautiful QUEEN brides, a world where dreams come true.
The most beautiful day for a girl now is a perfect reality.
Love stories from our brides.


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Blvd. Marks and Engels No7
Skopje, Center, R. Macedonia


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"Working with brides is really too precise and dynamic profession. The wedding dress is the most important dress in a woman's life and therefore it should be a perfection that will satisfy the bride’s every desire. When I will succeed in making it exactly as you have always imagined, I will know that my work is done successfully."
- Sindi Karaca -